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Event photography

Event photography is one of my favorite genres. People come to events to receive or share something special and important, so I like to keep the memory of these special moments. Whether it’s an official business event, a fundraiser or a birthday party, indoors or outdoors, every unique and memorable moment will be captured.

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Portrait photography

Each person is unique and beautiful. In my photographs I am trying to show people their beauty and uniqueness. I believe that love for the world begins with self-love and self-acceptance, so my goal is to help people find it through their images.

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Concert photography

As a musician who has performed on stage for a long time, I know everything from the inside, so I will be able to find the right angle at the right time.

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Sport photography

When covering sports and sporting events, I capture both the action of the game and behind the scenes of the players, making a full coverage of the event.

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Wedding  photography

On one of the most special days I will help preserve the memories

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Creative | fashion photography

Are you a dancer, fashion designer, actor, performer? I will show your audience the best of you through photography.

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